Termite Inspection & Control

Termites eat wood and other forms of cellulose and, consequently, can cause great structural damage to your home if left unchecked. A typical homeowner's insurance policy does not cover destruction caused by termites, even though they cause over 1 billion dollars in damage to homes throughout the United States each year. Our inspection and treatment program can help you understand the threat of termites and take the necessary steps to protect your property. We provide:

  • Free termite inspections for homes and businesses
  • Real estate escrow termite inspections
  • Termite treatment and control options
  • Wood repair for termite and dry rot damage

Termite Inspection

The first thing to do is have your property inspected. Sentry Pest Control will thoroughly inspect your home or business, looking for the tell-tale signs of termite infestation. Areas of termite infestations will be marked with chalk (where accessible) so that you or anyone else can see where the problems are. You will receive an inspection report detailing our findings, recommendations and a written estimate. Then, you can decide what’s best for you! 

You can’t assume your home is termite-free just because you’ve never seen them — they only swarm once or twice a year, and you might miss it! Schedule your free no obligation inspection or call at (888) 328-1728.

Treatment Options

Sentry Pest Control will work with you to determine the best treatment option for your property, based on the extent of your termite damage and infestation. Not all homes need to be fumigated. If your home only has a few small areas of Drywood Termite infestations and they are accessible for treatment, localized treatments can be very effective.

If you have a small Drywood Termite problem and it’s accessible for treatment, have it locally treated before it spreads throughout your whole house and does a lot of damage. Wait too late and fumigation may be your only solution. If your home has numerous areas of Drywood Termites and/or areas of infestation that extend into areas that cannot be possibly reached for treatment, we will recommend a complete Termite fumigation. We’re not going to recommend something that we know won’t work.



Sentry Pest Control may recommend local spot treatments with Termidor when appropriate. As a Termidor certified company, we are licensed to apply this termite defense product.

How Does Termidor Work?
We will apply a liquid dilution of Termidor along the foundation walls of your home to create a continuous treatment zone. The application method is called "trenching" or "trenching and rodding," and may sometimes require drilling holes through slabs or other hard surfaces adjacent to the foundation of your home for maximum protection. We may also treat conducive or termite active areas from the interior of your home, depending on the extent of the termite infestation and damage. Depending on your situation, a minimally disruptive Termidor treatment along the exterior perimeter of your home may be all the protection your home will need.


The fumigation process usually takes approximately 24 to 48 hours. Your professional fumigator tents your home with large tarps, prepares the interior, seals the tarps, and releases a warning agent (chloropicrin) into the structure. Then, your fumigator introduces Vikane through a special hose attached to a fumigant cylinder located outside your home.

Contained in the structure for a predetermined time, the fumigant penetrates deep into wood to eliminate drywood termites. After the fumigation is complete, your fumigator aerates and certifies the fumigant from your home, allowing you and your family to re-enter.

Vikane Gas Fumigant

Vikane is a colorless, odorless gas that is undetectable by people during fumigation, as well as non-staining, non-corrosive and non-flammable. As a gas, Vikane dissipates into the atmosphere and does not deplete the ozone. Learn more about Vikane (PDF).