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Company Background

The Sentry Termite & Pest Control team’s roots can be found as far back as the 1940's with my Grandfather, Lester Lewis, gaining knowledge and experience working for a large California exterminating company. In 1950, Lester created Lewis Extermination Company and successfully treated pests in the San Fernando Valley, securing life-long customers along the way.

Aside from a 10-year break in the pest control business to serve his country in 1958, my Dad, Dave Lewis, spent all of his life around the pest control business. He continued to work for his dad until 1973 when the company was acquired by John Edwards Pest Control Company.

A man determined to keep the business in the family, my Dad resigned from John Edwards Pest Control Company in 1977 to create Sentry Pest Control. Having caught the “pest control bug,” I joined Sentry Pest Control in 1991. Shortly thereafter in 2000, Dad knew I was ready to run the business, so Dad is now enjoying his retirement while our team continues to effectively and safely treat pests, provide exemplary customer service, and simply love the pest control business.

Welcome to our family!
— John Lewis, Owner & President

As a 3rd generation family-owned and operated business, you can always count on our family to provide yours with reliable, friendly and personal care.
Serving Ventura & Los Angeles Counties Since 1977
3rd Generation Family Owned & Operated
High Rate of Customer Satisfaction
Local Company Experienced With Common CA’s Pests
We had the most excellent experience.—Lisa S.
A History Of Customer Satisfaction Since 1977
Serving Ventura & Los Angeles Counties